Music Ministry & Needed Eye Surgery

A boy lying over piano keyboard with finger on key.

So far, seven songs of my music for the soul are now freely yours to hear on my website. May they inspire you with senses of peace, hope, and joy.

I appreciate when you listen to and share the music of my life. When you do so, you encourage me in this calling to do good as I persevere and, as you freely listen, the hosting service monetizes that endeavor and my hope to afford a desperately needed surgery on my left eye which is in rapid decline.

My music page is at

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A Prayer Request

A woman weeping into her hands in prayer.

I received a prayer request last night from someone in crisis. I ask all who are followers of my profile and group, “Heaven’s Backyard” on Gab, to join me in prayer for him or her. The specifics are not important to publicly share. God knows his situation and need. Let us just pray now to the Lord who is attentive to the prayers of those who desire Him above all.

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The Compassion of His Mercy

Jesus walking away from us with a child in hand down a dark wooded path toward apparent light on the horizon

God helped me when I was defenseless and fearful in the innocence of my childhood. In doing so, He revealed to me the compassion of His mercy. The Lord is faithful to the innocent as well as the righteous.

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Video: Near to Heaven God Made Me Free

Sheet music by Jeff H. Ulrich entitled "Free."

This is #music inspired by an extraordinary event near to #Heaven where God moved a mountain and made me free.

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Video: Proof God Exists – Miracle of My Sight

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

I was blind till the #miracle of my sight. This proof that #God exists is only my first #supernatural experience to share.

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