A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart

A walking cartoon heart who is blind with a cane is crossing a highway to Heaven.

Heavenly Father, what would you have me do for you? What of me is sufficient for Your purpose? With Your hope, O God, I have persevered. With the confidence that Your hope brings, I would raise my voice to speak Your heart to all who would listen.

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A Prayer: My Life is in Your Hands

A woman raising up a broken heart is kneeling.Merciful Lord, my life is in your hands.  If You would have me see tomorrow, I shall trust Your purpose.  But I am prepared to be with You should You have me this very night.

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Promise of His Love

A young man and woman holding hands in the rain.

I have learned to not expect but rather, in all circumstances, receive even my faintest of breath as a gift of mercy from God Himself; for I have come to well know that, to the displeasure of my flesh, all things in this temporary place shall ultimately come to an end.  But my spirit endures by the hope of faith, not in the things of this world but, in the everlasting God who, as I trust and obey Him He, makes me happy in Jesus.  My Savior’s promise of His love is as a precious shower of blessing to refresh me in all seasons.

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Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 2

Scene overlooking from a shore across the water to Heaven.

Excerpt from part 1: “I was ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital.

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Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 1


The Distant Shore

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