A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart

A walking cartoon heart who is blind with a cane is crossing a highway to Heaven.

Heavenly Father, what would you have me do for you? What of me is sufficient for Your purpose? With Your hope, O God, I have persevered. With the confidence that Your hope brings, I would raise my voice to speak Your heart to all who would listen.

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A Prayer: My Life is in Your Hands

A woman raising up a broken heart is kneeling.Merciful Lord, my life is in your hands.  If You would have me see tomorrow, then I shall trust Your purpose.  But I am prepared to be with You, should You have me this very night.

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Promise of His Love

A young man and woman holding hands in the rain.

I have learned to not expect but instead, in all circumstances, receive even my faintest of breath as a gift of mercy from God Himself.  For I have come to well know that, to the displeasure of my flesh, all things in this temporary place shall ultimately come to an end.  But my spirit endures by faith . . . that is hope, not in the things of this world but, in the everlasting God who, as I trust and obey Him He, makes me happy in Jesus.  My Savior’s promise of His love is as a precious shower of blessing to refresh me in all seasons.

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Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 2

Scene overlooking from a shore across the water to Heaven.

Excerpt from part 1: “I was ‘dead on arrival” at the hospital.

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Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 1


Just a celestial throw from God’s glorious estate, a dimension of the heart is discovered to the delight of a weary soul who, after his deliverance from a dark void that lies within the uncharted vestibules of the spiritual universe he, had set course for the source from whence he came.

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