Music & Prayer: Light of Tranquility

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O, God, Your promise of Heaven is like the Sun at dawn but faithful to not leave us in the bleak shadow of life’s horizon. I would be lost and cold in darkness without the fire of your covenant to light my way and keep me warm. I find solace in my thoughts of Jesus who has called each of us to join Him in paradise. I long for the day when my Savior shall greet and embrace me with my departed loved ones who desired You and Your Kingdom above all. Serene comfort shall truly be ours once You forever wipe away all tears as angels rejoice in their dialect of divine song. Until then, I shall persevere in this world away from such everlasting tranquility.

Although I am sometimes uncertain and weary, unspeakable peace and joy are nonetheless mine with Your Holy Spirit as my faithful guide and with You as my omnipotent source of strength. At times when my heart was broken and my spirit was crushed, You soothed me with sweet melodies of Your attentive love. I therefore trust You, Lord, to uphold me with Your righteous hand through my journey to life eternal. Amen.

About Light of Tranquility

I conceived the melody of this song in 2013 as I asked God to comfort me through grieving. I then felt a sense of peace, and the word, “tranquility,” came to mind. Later, I shared the melody with my daughter who, at the time, was twelve years of age. She said with delight, “It sounds like Jesus!”

The connection between “Jesus” and “tranquility” became my inspiration to complete this song now titled, Light of Tranquility, but also titled, Jesus My Tranquility. The word, “Light,” of the main title is my reference to God’s promise of Heaven. Both titles reflect my interpretation of the simple melody that I heard as I prayed to God to touch my soul with His perfect peace.

To me, this song with its inspired melody has since been like the distant voice of a loving father who, at night, beckons his children toward the safety of his home. Resonate has been the calling of my caring Heavenly Father whose refuge of paradise is prepared for those who pay heed to His voice and who look to Him for hope. His eyes are attentive to our tears when they fall, and He shall one day forever wipe them from our eyes if we persevere in Him. At the light of that promise of Heaven, my heart is consoled. And I shall rejoice on the day when “…there will no longer be any death; there will no longer be any mourning, or crying, or pain.” (see Revelation 21:4 NASB)

May the music and lyrics of my life inspire you with senses of hope, peace, and joy. 

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– Jeff H. Ulrich

My Purpose

My purpose for this blog, my first book, and all else are purely for the means to further share the hope of my life that, in faith, has sustained me. My utmost desire is to do the good works that God would have us all do to lift one another up.

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