Video: It Is Well with My Soul – An Original Arrangement

A river rapids with sheet music for It Is Well with My Soul overlapping.

This sheet #music is of the sacred hymn, “It Is Well with My Soul,” with the recording of my own instrumental arrangement (lead clarinet, guitar, brass and string section, bass, percussion).  This old hymn is very special to me and my family.

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The Shepherd and Guardian of Souls

Jesus holding a sheep in his arms admist a flock on a grassy hillside, with a caption that says, "The Lord would shepherd you to a place of peace and would give you rest.Excerpt: “The Lord would shepherd you to a place of peace and would give you rest.

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Life, Liberty, and Happiness

Flag with image of Jesus captioned with

In my pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness — I found Jesus who gave His all for me.

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Anchored in Love Divine

A young woman standing on the shore watching a storm come in with a caption of an anchor that says, "love anchors the soul, hebrews 6:19."

I found, at last, the sweet haven of sunshine in Jesus’ abiding love where, in His arms, He sweetly revealed His love for me.

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Peace in the Valley

An angel reaches to help a fallen man in the valley of the shadow of death. Caption says,  Excerpt: “My would-be assassin had poisoned my spirit with fatal doses of despair by proxy of unwitting accomplices who, in their indifference, could be made patsies to murder hope in the valley of death.  I was ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital.”  Read of my near-death experience that, forever, enhanced my outlook on life and eternity.

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