Promise of His Love

A young man and woman holding hands in the rain.

I have learned to not expect but rather, in all circumstances, receive even my faintest of breath as a gift of mercy from God Himself; for I have come to well know that, to the displeasure of my flesh, all things in this temporary place shall ultimately come to an end.  But my spirit endures by the hope of faith, not in the things of this world but, in the everlasting God who, as I trust and obey Him He, makes me happy in Jesus.  My Savior’s promise of His love is as a precious shower of blessing to refresh me in all seasons.

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A Global Health Alert

Breaking News!

We are not well.  A cancer is spread throughout us.  This disease would go undetected but, to those of us who are not in denial, the symptoms are plain to see; telltale signs are as evident in us … as they are apparent all around us.

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The Approved Worker’s Mysterious But Great Advocate of Hope

Hands reaching to dove carrying olive branch with hearts rising up.

One our own, none of us could sufficiently argue for the Truth that proves itself. We should humble ourselves and prayerfully study the Truth so that, when our faith is challenged, we are prepared to trust the Spirit of Truth who gently manifests through us as our mysterious but great advocate of hope.

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A Prayer: Give Refuge from Insecurity

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Lord, there are people who have felt out of place since the day they were born, where doors – as we often would say in cliché are closed for other doors to open – do not seem to even exist. These wandering souls learn all too well the meaning of insecurity.

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God Is My Hope in Personal Apocalypse

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As someone who was born and has lived with the challenges that come with forms of blindness, I have been blessed to feel the enlightening touch of God’s unseen hand when He has reached out to direct me. To me, faith is as sight.

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