Video: Proof God Exists – Miracle of My Sight

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

I was blind till the #miracle of my sight. This proof that #God exists is only my first #supernatural experience to share.

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Jaws of the Emerging Beast

Beast face on a phone captioned with "Being Consumed by Tech?"

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Behold in this video the information and entertainment idols that were crafted from technologies of a worldly god . . . to mesmerize us with alternative realities, ideological religions, and false hopes for a life of its own desires.

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Cryptocurrency Adopted by Porn Industry

A for sale sign in front of a beach horizon bearing a "Sold" sticker for Verge (XVG).

Although many still do not even know that a bitcoin is only a part — granted, a large part — of a whole cryptocurrency ecosystem, I am sharing this article as some of you might have heard of a recent adoption of Verge (aka “XVG”) by Pornhub; Verge is one “altcoin” among many others in crypto.  Whether you are vested in, familiar with, curious about or, rather, not interested in the developing digital economy that even some Churches have adopted as a means to receive tithes, you might still gain by my account of conscience overcoming greed when heed was paid to remembrance of an ancient but timeless question:

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?” – Matthew 16:26 (NASB)

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Video: Cure for Cancer of the Heart

Cancer of the spiritual heart proves fatal without this #cure. No one is immune. Seek detection and #hope of treatment presented in this global health alert.

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Resist the Siege of Conservatism to Keep America Great

Gandolf charging on horseback into the hoard at Helm's Deep

This call to action is for silent conservatives who seem to be, yet perhaps unbeknownst to them, under heavy attack by politicized factions of standard and, especially, social media outlets who would hack every active firewall of truth and liberty until none of those voices could stand to be heard over the censorship that is ever-encroaching the constitutional protections for speech, faith, and other basic freedoms that the United States Bill of Rights has guaranteed since its passage in 1791.

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