True Love Might Not Wait Until Tomorrow

hand-sinking-deep-underwater-ocean-sea-drown-desperation-hopelessness-sun-rays-shining-surface-trouble-danger-swimmer-salvation-rescue-hope-concept-gopo-hd_eLet us not live in our hearts as captives of time or of arduous seasons.  Nor let us live as prisoners of fate or as capsized souls who, because of lies, are lost and drowning in a sea of hopelessness.  We waste too many days when God’s patience has already been well tested and, therefore, His love might not wait for the sun to rise once more.

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Tribute to a Life of Obedience


During a time when I needed most to be in a spiritually healthy place for me and my family, I had visited a small Church to where my heart had mysteriously felt drawn.  And I had only attended a few Sunday services before, a Wednesday night in early November of 2017 when, the Spirit compelled me to make time for my first prayer meeting with the congregation.  Yet I went, not with a complete sense of confidence that I could fully participate in the fellowship but more so, with misplaced apprehension of rejection; in recent years, I have elsewhere not felt the love and acceptance for my fervency that, by the Church of my youth, would have been embraced.  But I now understand that God had a plan for me to go that night so that I could make the acquaintance of someone who has such a desire for the Gospel.

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My Thanksgiving

I am thankful for the one true God upon whom I am turning my eyes this very day. For I have learned that, as I rely upon Him in all uncertainty, He comforts me with a blessed assurance:

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Hope Is Not Lost


The following words of encouragement by God have been on my heart to pass along to those of you who, in great tribulation, are weary and disheartened:

“‘For I know the plans that I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans for welfare and not for calamity to give you a future and a hope.’” – Jeremiah 29:11 (NASB)

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The Right Medicine for My Worst Anxiety

The soul experiences the effect of ungodly fear while in the hold of its earthly vessel.  The hull of its ship, crafted from mere flesh and bone, is rickety and could buckle against the strain of life’s most turbulent waters; none of us are built so sturdy that we could indefinitely withstand the savage forces of nature.

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