Music Ministry & Needed Eye Surgery

A boy lying over piano keyboard with finger on key.

So far, seven songs of my music for the soul are now freely yours to hear on my website. May they inspire you with senses of peace, hope, and joy.

I appreciate when you listen to and share the music of my life. When you do so, you encourage me in this calling to do good as I persevere and, as you freely listen, the hosting service monetizes that endeavor and my hope to afford a desperately needed surgery on my left eye which is in rapid decline.

My music page is at

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Light of Tranquility – Prayer & Inspirational Music

Click the above image to play the music as you read the following:

O, God, Your promise of Heaven is like the Sun at dawn but faithful to not leave us in the bleak shadow of life’s horizon. I would be lost and cold in darkness without the fire of your covenant to light my way and keep me warm. I find solace in my thoughts of Jesus who has called each of us to join Him in paradise. I long for the day when my Savior shall greet and embrace me with my departed loved ones who desired You and Your Kingdom above all. Serene comfort shall truly be ours once You forever wipe away all tears as angels rejoice in their dialect of divine song. Until then, I shall persevere in this world away from such everlasting tranquility.

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Prayer: Light of Glory and Grace

An angel overlooking a spirit rising from the grace toward Chris who is breaking through stormy clouds to greet other souls who are joining Him.

Jesus, when my soul was weary in the darkness, You cast Your light so that I could have a look at a free and abundant life. When I turned my eyes upon You and looked full in Your wonderful face, the things of earth grew strangely dim in the light of Your glory and Grace.

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Kings and Kingdoms

Shadowy figure of Christ standing on water with arms wide open and sunset and flocks of ducks to His back.

All kings and kingdoms pass away, but the hope of all ages abides in those who believe in and follow Jesus.

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My Friend in Jesus

Picture of a castle on a grassy hillside next to a stream with a light coming from a window in a front tower during a heavy storm.

Jesus is my Savior who guided me, not necessarily to worldly success but, to His light of hope. He is the One who faithfully abided with me where I had been abandoned in the darkness of grief. Where else could I seek such refuge for my soul with a friend who would help me in the end?

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