God’s Perfect Fit

Hammer next to board with holes where one hole has jammed within it a splintered square peg.

The world drills holes wherein the Master Carpenter slates square pegs to fit.  Rather than follow His New Commandment, man crops corners to recondition odd pegs and, after so doing of the world’s abominable design, he casts out the splintered building blocks as misshapen — although God, in forethought of their purpose, creates them nonetheless as perfect.

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Life, Liberty, and Happiness

Flag with image of Jesus captioned with

In my pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness — I found Jesus who gave His all for me.

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Jaws of the Emerging Beast

Beast face on a phone captioned with "Being Consumed by Tech?"

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Behold in this video the information and entertainment idols that were crafted from technologies of a worldly god . . . to mesmerize us with alternative realities, ideological religions, and false hopes for a life of its own desires.

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Turn That Dial

The face of a pig putting on lip stick as seen on a TV by someone whose hand is turning the dial.

Be wary of any so-called “reboot” in popular entertainment; for it could be like filth painted over with heavy gloss or, nonetheless, like a dirty pig dolled up with lipstick.

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Hope for the Future

Various photos of monuments and historical documents: Washington, MLK, Paul, Jefferson, Lincoln, The Bible, U.S. Constitution

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