Video: This Hope Comes in the Night – The Hope in Personal Apocalypse

In this short video, a surviving daughter shares about Jeff and how his book’s message of hope inspired and renewed her father’s spirit who, when his life was to be drastically cut short by ALS – one of the cruelest of incurable diseases – began to lose his sense of meaning and purpose.

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Video Transcript …

Jeff released his book on Father’s Day, which happened to be almost three years after my father passed away. My dad was seventy when he succumbed to ALS; that was about two years after he was diagnosed with the condition.

I wish that my dad could be here to see that Jeff’s book honors him. Jeff included a chapter – The Hope in Harry – to fulfill a promise; he told my dad that his courage and grace would not be forgotten and that he would see to it that something good would come from his ordeal.

Jeff’s book shares the hope that inspired my dad and gave him strength. Understand that, since ALS is medically a losing battle, my dad could not at first make sense of it. But, after Jeff spoke to him and explained how his good example could touch the lives of, not only friends and family who were around him up to the time of his passing but, others who would struggle – even as much as my dad once suffered. I am proud of my dad because, until the very end, he represented this spirit of hope that carries Jeff.

If my dad could hear me, I would want him to know that Jeff’s book is, in part, a tribute to him – not just for one Father’s Day but – for all time. And this would mean so much to him to know that his final purpose is being met.

Now and forever, I will hold my father dear in my heart. But I feel his spirit enduring where Jeff talks about him. I pray that Jeff’s account of my dad’s tribulation and his message of hope lifts you up as well.

In Jeff’s book, The Hope in Personal Apocalypse, the chapter about my father is just one of twelve chapters – all of which are to share aspects of the hope that Jeff found through perseverance. You see, Jeff was born and has lived with forms of blindness. He learned very well, through this with many other challenges, what hope truly means. We could all relate to desiring such a hope that cannot be defined as “wishful thinking.” Just as Jeff shared and inspired my dad with this “hope,” he wants to provide this opportunity for you to find the hope of life that is for everyone who seeks it.

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