Peace in the Valley

An angel reaches to help a fallen man in the valley of the shadow of death. Caption says,  Excerpt: “My would-be assassin had poisoned my spirit with fatal doses of despair by proxy of unwitting accomplices who, in their indifference, could be made patsies to murder hope in the valley of death.  I was ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital.”  Read of my near-death experience that, forever, enhanced my outlook on life and eternity.

Click Here To Read The Full Account Of My Near-Death Experience On My Hope!

My Hope” $5+ patrons on may pledge to receive this and other rewardsAnd pledges are to eventually meet defined goals, including but not limited, to fight against homelessness, hunger, abuse, disease, and so many other problems faced by humankind.  Click here to visit My Hope on to see the goals of my vision, the rewards for patronage, and an overview of my passion to inspire, enrich, and give.  Or watch this short video:

My calling is to share my life, to be accessible, and to give so that you, who desire the peace that I know, could also be so fulfilled.  I have been working toward answering this call for many years.  My time has now come; so, I invite you to join me and receive as, together, we could give and make a difference.

Patrons of My Hope on receive rewards for $2 and $5 pledges:

Other rewards are available:

Stay tuned.  The best is yet to come!



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