Video: This Hope Comes in the Night – The Hope in Personal Apocalypse

In this short video, a surviving daughter shares about Jeff and how his book’s message of hope inspired and renewed her father’s spirit who, when his life was to be drastically cut short by ALS – one of the cruelest of incurable diseases – began to lose his sense of meaning and purpose.

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Video: Cure for Cancer of the Heart

Cancer of the spiritual heart proves fatal without this #cure. No one is immune. Seek detection and #hope of treatment presented in this global health alert.

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Turn That Dial


Be wary of any so-called “reboot” in popular entertainment; for it could be like filth painted over with heavy gloss or, nonetheless, like a dirty pig dolled up with lipstick.

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A Prayer: Between the Lines of the Lord’s Prayer


Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.

Jesus, I love You. O, Jesus, I shall forever be Yours.

When You were here, even though we are not worthy, You took our place; for our sins, You suffered. You asked forgiveness for us, no less, even though we did deny You.

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Resist the Siege of Conservatism to Keep America Great


This call to action is for silent conservatives who seem to be, yet perhaps unbeknownst to them, under heavy attack by politicized factions of standard and, especially, social media outlets who would hack every active firewall of truth and liberty until none of those voices could stand to be heard over the censorship that is ever-encroaching the constitutional protections for speech, faith, and other basic freedoms that the United States Bill of Rights has guaranteed since its passage in 1791.

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A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart


Heavenly Father, what would you have me do for you? What of me is sufficient for Your purpose? With Your hope, O God, I have persevered. With the confidence that Your hope brings, I would raise my voice to speak Your heart to all who would listen.

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