Tribute to a Life of Obedience

A man with hands folded prays looking upward with next to the words, "A Life of Obedience. Glimpses of a Surrendered Life."

During a time when I needed most to be in a spiritually healthy place for me and my family, I had visited a small Church to where my heart had mysteriously felt drawn.  And I had only attended a few Sunday services before, a Wednesday night in early November of 2017 when, the Spirit compelled me to make time for my first prayer meeting with the congregation.  Yet I went, not with a complete sense of confidence that I could fully participate in the fellowship but more so, with misplaced apprehension of rejection; in recent years, I have elsewhere not felt the love and acceptance for my fervency that, by the Church of my youth, would have been embraced.  But I now understand that God had a plan for me to go that night so that I could make the acquaintance of someone who has such a desire for the Gospel.

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My Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving decorative image.

I am thankful for the one true God upon whom I am turning my eyes this very day. For I have learned that, as I rely upon Him in all uncertainty, He comforts me with a blessed assurance:

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