Hope in God Takes Nothing More | Walk with Jesus

In this video, my personal anthem, “Takes Nothing More,” is to inspire faith in He who strengthens, helps, and upholds.

Freely Share this video with a loved one.  Give this reassurance that, with God, they need not fear; for He does great things out of love for those who reach for His righteous hand.

Takes Nothing More: The Song

In 2002, I was prayerfully inspired to compose my personal anthem, “Takes Nothing More.” I had just emerged from the shadow of the nethermost valley in my life.

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My Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving decorative image.

I am thankful for the one true God upon whom I am turning my eyes this very day. For I have learned that, as I rely upon Him in all uncertainty, He comforts me with a blessed assurance:

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The Right Medicine for My Worst Anxiety

The shadowy figure of a stressed man sits on a bench looking to the ground.

The soul experiences the effect of ungodly fear while in the hold of its earthly vessel.  The hull of its ship, crafted from mere flesh and bone, is rickety and could buckle against the strain of life’s most turbulent waters; none of us are built so sturdy that we could indefinitely withstand the savage forces of nature.

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