Cling to the Old Rugged Cross

I have long been clinging to the old rugged cross and now look forward to soon exchanging it for a crown. In my home far away, I will share the glory of my blessed Savior who has meant more than life to me. All that thrills my soul is Jesus.

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Video: What Child is This by Jeff H. Ulrich – Antique 3D Nativities by Ferdinand Pribyl (1840-1915)

The sacred #Christmasmusic, “What Child is This,” with the recording of my instrumental arrangement and video rendering of antique 3D nativities by Ferdinand Pribyl (1840-1915).

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Glimmer of Hope

A campfire in the woods on a snowy night with a faint image of someone sitting next to it.

God’s hope is better than a life-saving campfire deep in a snowy forest on a frigid winter night. He kindled His hope with eternal love and salvation.

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Music: Hallowed

Click the image of the video once or twice to play the music.

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Music & Prayer: Light of Tranquility

Click the above image to play the music as you read the following:

O, God, Your promise of Heaven is like the Sun at dawn but faithful to not leave us in the bleak shadow of life’s horizon. I would be lost and cold in darkness without the fire of your covenant to light my way and keep me warm. I find solace in my thoughts of Jesus who has called each of us to join Him in paradise. I long for the day when my Savior shall greet and embrace me with my departed loved ones who desired You and Your Kingdom above all. Serene comfort shall truly be ours once You forever wipe away all tears as angels rejoice in their dialect of divine song. Until then, I shall persevere in this world away from such everlasting tranquility.

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