A Prayer: My Life is in Your Hands

Merciful Lord, my life is in your hands.  If You would have me see tomorrow, then I shall trust Your purpose.  But I am prepared to be with You, should You have me this very night.

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A Prayer: My Undying Hope


Oh, Lord,

No matter what happens in my life, my soul rests in You.  Satan unleashes this world to feast upon my heart with trials and temptations.  But I thank You, Lord, for Your blessed assurance that Jesus shed His blood to save my soul; Your Word promises that my sins are nailed to the cross.

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My Hope Is on Nothing Less

My Hope Is on Nothing Less

Do you feel alone and afraid?  Are you carrying a heavy load?  Are you suffering and weary for answers?

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God Is My Hope in Personal Apocalypse

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As someone who was born and has lived with the challenges that come with forms of blindness, I have been blessed to feel the enlightening touch of God’s unseen hand when He has reached out to direct me. 

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Video: This Hope Comes in the Night – The Hope in Personal Apocalypse

In this short video, a surviving daughter shares about Jeff and how his book’s message of hope inspired and renewed her father’s spirit who, when his life was to be drastically cut short by ALS – one of the cruelest of incurable diseases – began to lose his sense of meaning and purpose.

Visit http://JeffUlrichLegacies.com to learn more.

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