Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 2

Scene overlooking from a shore across the water to Heaven.

Excerpt from part 1: “I was ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital.

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Near to Heaven’s Backyard – Intro Part 1


The Distant Shore

Just a celestial throw from God’s glorious estate, a dimension of the heart is discovered to the delight of a weary soul who, after his deliverance from a dark void that lies within the uncharted vestibules of the spiritual universe he, had set course for the source from whence he came.

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A Prayer: Give Refuge from Insecurity

Image Source: Doug Aitken’s “Migration” at

Lord, there are people who have felt out of place since the day they were born, where doors – as we often would say in cliché are closed for other doors to open – do not seem to even exist. These wandering souls learn all too well the meaning of insecurity.

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A Prayer: Hope Comes in the Night

Front cover of The Hope in Personal Apocalypse by Jeff H. Ulrich in front of a dark gloomy scene with a lighted refuge in the distance.

Lord, I trust you’re listening when my heart breaks and my spirit is afraid. Lord, I really need you when I’m alone and the daylight fades away. Although I don’t have many answers, my belief and trust in You is great. Where You lead me, I will follow.

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