Whisper a Prayer

Whisper A Prayer

Excerpt: “God’s attentive ears would be open to your every prayerful breath of need and suffering.”

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A Prayer: Between the Lines of the Lord’s Prayer

Christ praying and weeping in the garden.

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.

Jesus, I love You. O, Jesus, I shall forever be Yours.

When You were here, even though we are not worthy, You took our place; for our sins, You suffered. You asked forgiveness for us, no less, even though we did deny You.

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A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart

A walking cartoon heart who is blind with a cane is crossing a highway to Heaven.

Heavenly Father, what would you have me do for you? What of me is sufficient for Your purpose? With Your hope, O God, I have persevered. With the confidence that Your hope brings, I would raise my voice to speak Your heart to all who would listen.

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Hope in God Takes Nothing More | Walk with Jesus

In this video, my personal anthem, “Takes Nothing More,” is to inspire faith in He who strengthens, helps, and upholds.

Freely Share this video with a loved one.  Give this reassurance that, with God, they need not fear; for He does great things out of love for those who reach for His righteous hand.

Takes Nothing More: The Song

In 2002, I was prayerfully inspired to compose my personal anthem, “Takes Nothing More.” I had just emerged from the shadow of the nethermost valley in my life.

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A Prayer: My Life is in Your Hands

A woman raising up a broken heart is kneeling.Merciful Lord, my life is in your hands.  If You would have me see tomorrow, then I shall trust Your purpose.  But I am prepared to be with You, should You have me this very night.

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