Music: Hallowed

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In 2008, an outpouring of great meaning came to me from between the lines of the Lord’s prayer.

I had opened my Bible to the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) in review of the manner in which Christ taught us to pray. I then poured my heart out to God whose strength and guidance I desperately needed in support of my family.

After those private moments of devotion, I felt at peace. So, I went further to reflect on Christ’s sacrifice as well as on the mercies and blessings that the Lord had granted me in years past.

At that point, the words that became the lyrics to this song, titled “Hallowed” (“sacred” by definition), quickly came to me. They flowed from my heart as fast as I could write them, and their melody accompanied them. Immediately thereafter, I first sang this song as I played my acoustic guitar.

In the weeks that followed, I often replayed this song of my earnest prayer. My daughter, who was six-years-old at the time, apparently listened. On her own initiative and to my delight, she one day joined me.

With heartfelt enthusiasm, my daughter sang the entire song and by memory. She was nonetheless struggling with something and in need of “peace” and “rest” of the Father to whom verse four refers. Although she was very young, she seemed to embrace that message; and I, as her earthly father, have since held dear this song as one once given to encourage her with the assuring hope of the everlasting comforter — hallowed be His name.

The Lord is indeed worthy of my and my daughter’s praise and worship. Over the years, He has been attentive and expressive to us in such timely mysterious ways. I shudder at the thought of where my daughter would now be if God had not been so faithful.

To God be the glory for my daughter’s overall well-being in this year of 2020 when she is to graduate from high school and celebrate her 18th birthday. Neither of us should ever deny that, on our journey to this day, He lovingly walked with us and extended His hand whenever we stumbled. He has shown His nature to be true to the character of the One to whom this song lyrically prays. This song now fully orchestrated and recorded is to memorialize this milestone of hindsight to which my daughter can look back while in communion with the Lord for renewal of strength to endure future adversities. May its meaning and sound also revive your spirit to persevere with God who would not forsake you.


Inspirational Music by Jeff H. Ulrich (2020)
& Lyrics by Jeff H. Ulrich (2008)

The following are unsung in this instrumental version but are included here to add meaning.

~ Introduction ~

Father, In Heaven, Hallowed, be thy name.

~ Verse 1 ~

Jesus, I love you.
Yes Jesus, I always will.
When You were here, even though we aren’t worthy
You took our place. For our sins You suffered.
… Forgave us no less, even though we denied You.

~ Verse 2 ~

Jesus, You gave Your life.
When darkness fell, You raised Your voice. The earth trembled.
So went the temple. Saints long unseen were seen in the city.
No watcher could doubt, God had sent You from glory.
He sent His most Holy.

~ Chorus ~

I want to praise You.
I give You thanks for Your grace.
I ask what I can do for You O Lord
And my brother.
Thy will be done I pray.

~ Verse 3 ~

Father, I love You.
O Father, I always will.
All of my days, You’ve walked beside me.
Extending Your hand whenever I stumbled.
You loved me no less, even when I denied You.

~ Verse 4 ~

Father, You give me life .
With every breath, I want to sing Hallelujah!
Hallelujah, You give me peace in place of my sorrows.
When I come to You, I can rest in Your glory.
I can rest in Your glory.

{Repeat Chorus}

~ Ending ~

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, in Earth, as it is, In Heaven.

May the music and lyrics of my life inspire you with senses of hope, peace, and joy.

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