Overcome This Wilderness

A black and white scene of a dried up creek bed in the forest.

I get the most powerful sense of God’s attentiveness where, in a place of great adversity, I choose to believe in Him.  Where I have not given up but, rather, affirmed my heart for the Savior who was once tested in the wilderness — the tempter seemed to flee as my soul felt baptized in the consoling warmth of Heaven’s cleansing waters.

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13 thoughts on “Overcome This Wilderness

  1. The hymn Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is a hymn that my congregation sings quit often ( I am in interim pastor at the moment) and they are the words that I use each week before prayer, the words are just so beautiful and it reminds us all to look towards our Risen Savior Jesus Christ and not the world, enjoy reading your post

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    1. This tells me much about the spirit of your congregation. You could surely discern that I originated in the traditional Church from decades ago, although I am not anywhere near an area where such a Church still exists. I was in 3rd grade when I first began to play a weekly role as an instrumentalist for worship service; I could play by ear and, since my parents knew that I could not see the hymns, they worked out an opportunity so that I could participate. So years of old hymns are as ingrained in me as the contemporary praise and worship music. There are newer songs that are as spirit-filled as the classics; because of my personal experience, I can distinguish a work of inspiration from a work of industry. But my heart mostly finds refuge in those golden-oldies. I love the tell the story of Jesus and His glory to the sound of Heavenly music.

      Thank you for being here and sharing with me. May God bless you and your ministry. I’m following your blog. 🙂

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      1. Thank you Jeff for following my blog I too enjoy both old and newer Christian songs, because this allows us as pastors to reach both young and old people in our congregation, and when we worship God in Spirit & Truth it truly doesn’t matter it is all about our hearts
        God Bless

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    1. Thank you, and I was not exaggerating earlier when I said of your recent message, “Powerful!” Certainly, you are discernibly NOT fake news! 😊 Looking forward to reading more from you. And I plan to do more of these pingbacks when I see opportunities to make those connections for our readers.

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  2. HALLELUJAH!!! Thank you Lord!!! My soul was submerged just now in the Spirit as I read this. God is wonderful. All praises to the Lord our God.

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    1. Yes, let this be to glorify God who has inspired me. Bella, I have this overwhelming desire to share what He means to me; this is an understatement. Pray for me if you would. There is something that I must do here, and I can barely let up to get enough sleep. This ministry is not my full time job, but I would make it so when / if God opened the door. I have come so far without only the means God has given me.

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