Kings and Kingdoms

Shadowy figure of Christ standing on water with arms wide open and sunset and flocks of ducks to His back.

All kings and kingdoms pass away, but the hope of all ages abides in those who believe in and follow Jesus.

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My Friend in Jesus

Picture of a castle on a grassy hillside next to a stream with a light coming from a window in a front tower during a heavy storm.

Jesus is my Savior who guided me, not necessarily to worldly success but, to His light of hope. He is the One who faithfully abided with me where I had been abandoned in the darkness of grief. Where else could I seek such refuge for my soul with a friend who would help me in the end?

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The Compassion of His Mercy

Jesus walking away from us with a child in hand down a dark wooded path toward apparent light on the horizon

God helped me when I was defenseless and fearful in the innocence of my childhood. In doing so, He revealed to me the compassion of His mercy. The Lord is faithful to the innocent as well as the righteous.

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My Dream

Woman walking toward bright sky from gloomy nightmarish forest

We live in the nightmare of uncertainty until we open our eyes to the pleasant dream of Truth’s reality.

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Coming Home

Mother and child holding another in Heaven with caption, The night was dark and stormy. The wind was howling wild as an aged mother gazed upon the portrait of her child.

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