A Global Health Alert


We are not well.  A cancer is spread throughout us.  This disease would go undetected but, to those of us who are not in denial, the symptoms are plain to see; the telltale signs are as evident in us … as they are apparent all around us.

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Overcome This Wilderness

Image by Jeff H. Ulrich (2017)

I get the most powerful sense of God’s attentiveness where, in a place of great adversity, I choose to believe in Him.  Where I have not given up but, rather, affirmed my heart for the Savior who was once tested in the wilderness — the tempter seemed to flee as my soul felt baptized in the consoling warmth of Heaven’s cleansing waters.

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My Days of Doubting Are Over

Image: Walking on Water by Ric Berry.

So patiently, revealed to me, was God’s love. I once could not see all that is now obvious to me.

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A Prayer: My Undying Hope


Oh, Lord,

No matter what happens in my life, my soul rests in You.  Satan unleashes this world to feast upon my heart with trials and temptations.  But I thank You, Lord, for Your blessed assurance that Jesus shed His blood to save my soul; Your Word promises that my sins are nailed to the cross.

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My Hope Is on Nothing Less

My Hope Is on Nothing Less

Do you feel alone and afraid?  Are you carrying a heavy load?  Are you suffering and weary for answers?

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