Jaws of the Emerging Beast

Beast face on a phone captioned with "Being Consumed by Tech?"

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Behold in this video the information and entertainment idols that were crafted from technologies of a worldly god . . . to mesmerize us with alternative realities, ideological religions, and false hopes for a life of its own desires.

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Peace in the Valley

An angel reaches to help a fallen man in the valley of the shadow of death. Caption says,  Excerpt: “My would-be assassin had poisoned my spirit with fatal doses of despair by proxy of unwitting accomplices who, in their indifference, could be made patsies to murder hope in the valley of death.  I was ‘dead on arrival’ at the hospital.”  Read of my near-death experience that, forever, enhanced my outlook on life and eternity.

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The Miracle of My Anointing – Part 2

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

Excerpt from part 1: “They could all see me squint in wonder at my hands and their faces as, in awe, they stood of the event that they had just witnessed. The faith of prayer warriors had become evident because of the miracle of my sight.”

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Whisper a Prayer

Whisper A Prayer

Excerpt: “God’s attentive ears would be open to your every prayerful breath of need and suffering.”

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The Miracle of My Anointing – Part 1

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

In 1966, I was born without my sense of sight.

I was but a speck on the horizon of my mother’s womb, surely, whence I first beheld the world of unseen beauty. In the distance, I could have heard her beckon me to that place where vivid whispers from sources of light and shadow are like paint on canvas; the sophistication of artwork in such an acoustic gallery is beyond the spectrum of perfect eyes.

I had entered a realm of such possibility.
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