The Miracle of My Anointing – Part 2

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

Excerpt from part 1: “They could all see me squint in wonder at my hands and their faces as, in awe, they stood of the event that they had just witnessed. The faith of prayer warriors had become evident because of the miracle of my sight.”

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Whisper a Prayer

Whisper A Prayer

Excerpt: “God’s attentive ears would be open to your every prayerful breath of need and suffering.”

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The Miracle of My Anointing – Part 1

Jeff H. Ulrich as a baby in the hands of God.

In 1966, I was born without my sense of sight.

I was but a speck on the horizon of my mother’s womb, surely, whence I first beheld the world of unseen beauty. In the distance, I could have heard her beckon me to that place where vivid whispers from sources of light and shadow are like paint on canvas; the sophistication of artwork in such an acoustic gallery is beyond the spectrum of perfect eyes.

I had entered a realm of such possibility.
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Video: Cure for Cancer of the Heart

Cancer of the spiritual heart proves fatal without this #cure. No one is immune. Seek detection and #hope of treatment presented in this global health alert.

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A Prayer: Between the Lines of the Lord’s Prayer

Christ praying and weeping in the garden.

Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed be Thy name.

Jesus, I love You. O, Jesus, I shall forever be Yours.

When You were here, even though we are not worthy, You took our place; for our sins, You suffered. You asked forgiveness for us, no less, even though we did deny You.

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