A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart

A walking cartoon heart who is blind with a cane is crossing a highway to Heaven.

Heavenly Father, what would you have me do for you? What of me is sufficient for Your purpose? With Your hope, O God, I have persevered. With the confidence that Your hope brings, I would raise my voice to speak Your heart to all who would listen.

Lord, my life would be meaningless without You; only You could have empowered me to rise above the obscurity of my adversities. Would You now, while there is still time, have more of me as a witness of Your love and mercy? For I know that You, who made and saved me, would be the One who would sustain all who are seeking peace during these tumultuous end times. My sight is incomplete, but I am not so blind in spirit as many who are handicapped by their use only of fleshly eyes; perfect eyes are blind to what a heart for You can see.

Savior, my utmost desire is to guide lost souls to You so that the Holy Spirit could then show them the way to where perfect peace abides.


2 thoughts on “A Prayer: Eyes of the Heart

    1. Thanks you. And I am very sincere. This is a very real prayer for me these days. I would appreciate your prayers for me in this regard. I hope you are well. I cannot blog often, but I am so passionate about this ministry.


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