Hope for the Future

Various photos of monuments and historical documents: Washington, MLK, Paul, Jefferson, Lincoln, The Bible, U.S. Constitution

We who have been inspired by the perfect works of imperfect men and women should not be disillusioned with our faith and democracy because of hateful hearts whose critical view of history is a dark lens that would diminish all light.

Liars have been convicted to scribe timeless truths that have certainly been more realized as evident by their future generations than by their constituencies. All such truths, though written by carnal hands, are nevertheless discernible. Albeit we are all natural-born liars, it is within each of us to recognize these truths and to hold them dear.

Every type of artist who has lived a shameless lifestyle has been memorialized for their creative works. We savor the meat of their talents without necessarily consuming the bones of their iniquities. Therefore, let us not discommemorate the honorable overachievements of our spiritual and political forebears, none of whom were faultless. We would otherwise stand for our own remembrances to be denied by descendants who would judge us for our sins, especially once the monuments are destroyed and the books are burned that were well meant, not to exonerate our ancestors of guilt for their misdeeds but rather, to remind us of positive steps that have been taken and how far we have hence come.

When someone tries to erase or distort the past, they effectively discount the goodness that has been accomplished for us. Let not such a disheartening precedence be set in the present that would deny us of our inheritance and, consequently, would deplete this bestowed trust of hope to which we should all contribute for the future.

10 thoughts on “Hope for the Future

      1. You are certainly welcome. I had a few moments to glimpse through it and would like to come back and read more at next opportunity. Looks like some good reading, and note I don’t follow everyone. I am from the Midwest United States by the way. So warm regards to you from overseas. 🙂

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  1. “we savor the meat of their talents without necessarily consuming the bones of their iniquities” …I love this analogy.

    We are powerless to change the past. We are only able to alter the present moment to guide the future into a better place for humanity.

    I think with human sex trafficking, radical Islamic terrorists, the exploitation of impoverished children for slave labor, the opioids epidemic in the US, educational issues, violence against women and children, are all better things to attack and destroy than statues of dead men and dead ideals and wrongs that cannot not actually be righted…

    We can only learn from our mistakes.

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    1. Yes, indeed. You are so correct.

      We can discern that the agenda behind distorting our past is purely nefarious. The culprits would have us self-destruct, which is why they see no sense in focusing on the issues that you detailed. God save us should such evil gain the majority in government.

      I am someone who carefully studies history. I concur that we must not forget from whence we came so that we can move forward instead of going in circles. We must resist the forces who would have us lost in the darkness of ignorance.

      I really appreciate your thoughtful comments. You’re always welcome here.

      Bless you this day.


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